Time of Birth and Horoscope of Life
Time of Birth and Horoscope of Life

Western horoscopes and Eastern feng shui both believe that it is possible to predict a person's destiny through the time of birth (birth chart). Based on the time of birth of a zodiac sign, it is possible to know the fate of that person's life from birth to adulthood.

Predictions about life destiny based on the time of birth help the zodiac signs to have a good preparation to have a good and peaceful life.

1. Born in Rat Hour (23h00 - 01h00)

A baby born at the time of the Rat has a handsome or more beautiful appearance than a human, and a seasoned blessing is enjoyed from his parents. From a young age, he was smart, agile, or said, a joy for the whole family.

In terms of personality, he is relatively docile, later the child will have great achievements if his age matches the age of his parents.

Later, when he grows up, he is the model who values ​​ability and quality of life. Often like to strive to advance in their careers and they tend to find good people to make friends and learn from.

2. Born at Ox (01h00 - 03h00)

Boys and girls born in the Ox hour are in good health, strong in character, dignified, not good at lying, prefer a stable career, good money management.

People with this time of birth never lack noble people in their lives. Thanks to the timely help of the nobles, they have had great success, always supported by their loved ones.

As long as parents later orient their children to live with goals and make every effort to overcome the immediate difficulties, what awaits them at the end of the road is more success than others.

3. Born in Tiger (03h00 - 05h00)

Boys and girls born in the Tiger hour are tall and tall, their faces are not sharp, but they are very harmonious, easy to see, and attract people's hearts.

In terms of personality, he will be a wonderful, upright, multi-talented person with a lot of ambition in his career and will work hard for his ideals.

It's just that she has too high ambition, not only in work but also in many other aspects of life, so her personality is a bit tough and serious, later easily offending people because she often speaks the truth.

In the future, he will be a multi-talented and optimistic person, always smiling and cheerful, so he can blend in with any crowd without hesitation, but should limit his ego a bit. .

4. Born in Rabbit (05:00 – 07:00)

Born in the time of the Rabbit, the appearance is more and more delicate, at birth, everyone criticizes it, but when they grow up, everyone has to admire, if they bring the Moc par, their body will be tall, toned and healthy.

The crown is a peach blossom, the more beautiful the children will be, the more handsome, dignified, righteous, upright, popular, caring for relatives and friends.

According to the horoscope, people born at 5 and 7 o'clock are always calm and very quiet, modest, do not like to show off. The biggest principle in their life is to quietly grow and progress without hindering or harming others.

5. Born in Dragon (07h00 – 09h00)

Babies born in the Dragon hour have a calm appearance, are smart, filial to their parents, are very responsible in their careers, tend to exert power thanks to their parents' upbringing, they have learned quickly since childhood.

The mind of this time of birth is never empty, but always has new ideas to make money. When growing up, the child does not spend much time bragging to others, but tries and focuses on getting rich and developing his career.

Later, the child is very good at accumulating life and working experience. Therefore, at an important time when the baby always explodes, affirms his ability, achieves good achievements beyond expectations, parents can check the birth time for the 12 zodiac animals to compare with their child's age.

6. Born in Snake (09:00 - 11:00)

Born in the time of the Snake, the child is intelligent, agile, broad-minded, complete in everything, has a full body, red face when angry, treats people, is generous in manners, wise in his career, abundant fortune.

People with this time of birth will have advantages in whatever they do, the more mature they are, the smoother the sails will be, the better their ability to make money will be.

However, when the child grows up, he must be careful to be watched by small people, the more successful he is, the fewer friends to play with him sincerely, most of whom are people who come to take advantage of him.

Once a person has a birth time at 9 and 11 o'clock, success will be great success, never worry about going downhill again, only a little lonely, only family is the most solid support.

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7. Born in Horse (11h00 - 13h00)

Children born in the Hour of the Horse are beautiful and handsome, good-looking, love to dress, have literary talent, creativity, outspoken personality, strict behavior, respect for elders, carefree.

This is considered one of the most beautiful birth time frames of the day. If parents know how to teach and create conditions for their children to contact with the right knowledge, in the future, children will be parents' precious people.

Children born at this time are very suitable for working in the fashion, writing, and military industries, parents let them develop according to their wishes, be your child's companion in every way, then later you will become a parent. face bloom. She's so talented, she's very popular later on.

8. Born in Goat (13h00 - 15h00)

Seeing the destiny for children according to the time of birth, the baby born in the Goat is a person who likes sports, has good physique, is medium to tall, has a relatively calm temperament, obeys parents and behaves politely with adults. older than me.

Children born at this hour are often born into a family with good living conditions, with gentle and kind parents who are popular with many people. The birth of a baby is the happiness that the family has been waiting for for a long time.

Babies born in this time frame are outgoing, lively and love to help others. Children easily make friends and are liked by everyone when they grow up, everywhere they go, they have friends to play with, they are never lost.

9. Born in Monkey (15h00 - 17h00)

Babies born at the time of the Monkey are majestic, with a face filled with words, white skin, have a kind heart, stable luck, a more stable career than others.

Children have good taste and great creativity, can pursue design, fashion, advertising...

These people often have the ability to communicate and handle situations well and quickly, and their minds and bodies are very sharp and can judge problems well.

That is why they are loved and respected by many people. These people tend to challenge themselves by setting foot in new lands or working in exciting environments.

10. Born in Rooster (17:00 – 19:00)

The baby born in the Rooster hour is a docile, easy-going, wise person in all circumstances, a handsome, pretty girl, easy to have a peaceful and peaceful life later.

This is the time frame towards leisure when the chickens are full, go to the coop, people start to leave the field and work to go home to prepare for dinner.

Babies born in the Rooster hour, no matter what zodiac sign they belong to, are considered to be at ease, not having too much trouble because the characteristic of this time frame is the end and rest.

11. Born in Dog (19h00 – 21h00)

Born in the year of the Dog, whether it's a boy or a girl, they are handsome, intelligent, stable, delicate, sometimes short-tempered, and have a more progressive mind.

In particular, these people have integrity and trustworthiness. If it is a man, it is extremely faithful; if it is a woman, it is benevolent, a general of prosperity and welfare, who will receive the blessings of three generations.

Seeing the fate of a child according to the time of birth also shows that although the baby born at the time of the Dog does not have a rich and rich background like many others, but the baby is very hard working, loved and supported by everyone. path.

12. Born in Pig (21h00 - 23h00)

Children born in the Pig hour are kind, simple, persistent in everything, will persevere and work hard for their own goals, be filial to their parents, and take the initiative in the family's work.

Parents are asked to ask their children from an early age, from a young age, they know how to help their parents with chores in the house, working hard at number 2, no one is number 1, but always polite, no attitude towards parents.

However, with outsiders, the child is not very good at speaking, sometimes a bit hot-tempered, speaking immaturely, easily offending others, the number of thanks to relatives is the majority.

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