important astrological events in September 2022
Important astrological events in September 2022

Overview: Astrological Energy in September 2022

What every zodiac sign looks forward to the most is that the new month always has a very favorable start, important plans and projects will be completed.

Join experts to discover September 2022 astrology along with planetary movements. Astrology can help you unlock the first secrets of a brilliant September.

With the constant movement of the planets in the sky, the astrological energy of September 2022 has a significant influence on the future plans of the 12 zodiac signs.

In particular, astrology predicts that there will be many challenges ahead waiting for the 12 zodiac signs, so let's see what it is. Don't be impatient, whatever happens will come.

The energy of the new month will probably be heavily influenced by the Moon and Venus.

This interwoven combination promises to bring many surprises in the life of the 12 zodiac signs.

Effect of Astrology on Career

On the first days of September, the sky doesn't seem to favor us as the first crescent Moon enters Sagittarius again.

This is the most anticipated period according to experts' predictions but also the fastest hated. Therefore, it is easy for the 12 zodiac signs to feel disgusted with their current job. Some job-hopping thoughts arise, so the constellations need to be on high alert.

Some people will intend to drop out, drop out of school or jump jobs suddenly during this time. You feel that the current pace of life and work is too boring, do not want to try any more, here is enough.

Sagittarius Moon is also quite impulsive at this time, it urges people towards freedom and self-expression, but it also makes us easily discouraged when difficulties arise. This will greatly damage the work of the constellations.

At the end of September, the Libra Moon will help us reverse the flow of our career. We will be more active and energetic, many opportunities for change will appear to help the constellations turn defeat into victory.

The career progression of the 12 zodiac signs receives many beneficial changes. As long as we don't depend too much on any luck factors, we will achieve success.

♦ Astrology Advice: Should keep in mind one thing this month is not to depend on anyone, relying on yourself is the most solid support. You should understand that no one gives nothing in this world, don't hope for help from others, more disappointment than hope.

Effect of Astrology on Love

Astrological Energy for 12 Zodiac Signs in September 2022
The Influence of Astrology on Love

The love story of the constellations in early September seems to be positive. You can see the list of the most prominent zodiac signs for September 2022 to see who is the luckiest.

Venus transits Virgo helps us get back to the original self of anyone's dreams. Each person will have calm, humility, patient listening and sincerity regardless of the zodiac sign.

For singles, Venus in Virgo will not help you improve your current relationship, because you were too cautious and closed in the first meeting, so you were previously limited opportunities to escape, now you are not. it's different.

But for those who are in love, you receive the care and understanding that gently touches the feelings of the other person. You have a unique charm and a deep inner voice that can easily seduce anyone and bring down all the hardiness of the other half.

In addition, Mercury retrograde is also a time when old memories of the past will come rushing back, awakening the emotional patches that are sleeping in us.

Unfinished relationships, ex, ex, they will somehow reappear in front of you and break up so lovers need to be careful with old relationships.

At the end of September, the Libra Moon again gives singles the opportunity to learn new things. You are stylish, become more polished in appearance and become more attractive in the eyes of others.

You easily win the hearts of others and each has their own subtle way to win the other's heart, grace and elegance are your biggest plus points.

Effect of Astrology on Finance

In early September, Mercury retrograde will cause the 12 zodiac signs to lose a lot of money. We tend to lose focus and always mishandle things related to money.

This is the time when the constellations should not decide anything related to money, shopping. Contracts and commitments should also not be performed and note that if departing far away, there will be money losses due to missed schedules, problems with tickets, reservations...

Perhaps many of you will be helpless and resentful because of your stupidity and neglect, it is true that one mile a mile is wrong. This September, if you are not careful, you will lose money like playing.

At the end of September, the Moon costs us a lot of money. Because the Moon at the end of the month tends to make people live freely, like to have fun with friends, like to go on dates with lovers and family. Your spending also mainly arises from these meetings and dates.

Effect of Astrology on Health

September is the month when Mercury is retrograde in 2022. So humans are also prone to nervous system impairment, especially problems related to our lungs.

According to astrologers, when Mercury is retrograde, we will not be able to breathe air carefree, if we do not protect the respiratory tract well, it is easy to lead to lung infections, increased bronchial fluid and birth. produce sputum.

In addition, because Mercury governs communication, your larynx will also be weaker during its retrograde, some zodiac signs will have sore throats or hoarseness, unable to speak comfortably.

When Mercury is unusually active, you may feel an increase in anxiety and anger. Combined with travel delays and communication problems, your irritability may be higher than ever in September.

This is the time to review and remind yourself to control your emotions. Laugh a lot because eventually, this period will pass.

Special Astrological Events for September 2022

Astrological Energy for 12 Zodiac Signs in September 2022
Special Astrological Phenomena in September 2022 and 12 Zodiac Signs

Although each year we experience certain challenges, with September 2022 astrology promises a much more bullish, optimistic and hopeful trend than in recent months.

Read More: Special Astrological Phenomena in September 2022 and 12 Zodiac Signs

September 3, 2022: The Setting Moon Passes Through Sagittarius

On September 3, the first crescent moon of the month passes through Sagittarius, reminding us to look beyond the horizon. Difficulties and challenges await, the constellations need to be optimistic about everything.

The waning moon is a particularly important astrological phenomenon in each month, it deeply affects that person's life, so don't be subjective.

Therefore, at the beginning of this September, the zodiac signs need to think carefully before new opportunities in life come to them. The dark side of the Crescent Moon will remind you it's time to make a decision, so don't hesitate. The universe allows you to change and redo everything to your liking.

September 5, 2022: Venus Transits Virgo

The September 2022 astrology says that when the goddess of love passes through Virgo, it will bring a quite obvious change in human love affairs.

You know how to focus on the very small things to bring satisfaction to the other person. People in love need to be careful, don't be too perfectionist or ask too much from the other side. Everyone needs their own freedom and individuality.

Venus also makes you pay more attention to love and take care of your appearance. Some people will be inspired to love and date during this time, you will dress better than usual.

September 9, 2022: Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrograde offers an opportunity to "untie" yourself and reconcile past conflicts and disagreements. Those who are in love, the broken mirror will heal, soon the conflict will be over, those who have gone to work should keep a clear head.

Now is not the time for impulsive decisions and controversial conversations. Mercury retrograde is an interesting astrological phenomenon, perhaps no one is familiar with this phenomenon anymore, so it is enough to understand how bad and good it is, right?

September 10, 2022: Full Moon Transits in Pisces

The Full Moon in Pisces reminds us this is when we need to look at reality. We need new life purpose and release old habits that are no longer useful.

The full moon is also an astrological phenomenon that profoundly affects human destiny. Many people have a new life and new changes in their lives during this time.

Some of you are starting to think about letting yourself challenge yourself with something new or moving into a new room, changing jobs, changing schools, or renovating your house.

September 17, 2022: Moon in Gemini

The last crescent of the month begins on September 17, which opens up quite interesting conversations for us.

Up-to-date information helps us better understand past conflicts and controversies. It shows that we are more comfortable with things that still linger in the past.

There may be times when you are easily angry for no reason, there may be misunderstandings with relatives, harsh words with colleagues, friends ... It reminds us to learn to let go and be more open to the world. outside world.

September 22, 2022: Sun Transits Libra and Mercury Retrograde

The Sun moving into Libra helps us focus more on work and study. It also opens up a new stage for us to quickly showcase our speaking talents.

Mercury retrograde entering Virgo makes us more perfectionist and demanding, harder to please. We always demand perfection from ourselves and others, this stubbornness adds to our stress.

Perhaps the constellations should spend time on healthy things to keep the mind more alert. For example, go on a picnic, meet friends, spend time watching a movie, or try some form of entertainment to help you relax.

September 25, 2022: Libra New Moon

The New Moon in Libra is a time for us to expand our social circles. This is when the constellations are quite open and attractive to others.

We are easygoing and sociable, so making friends is also easier, people find you really lovely and friendly.

The new moon is also an interesting astrological phenomenon that carries many interesting messages that the universe wants to send to us.

September 29, 2022: Venus Enters Libra

At the end of the month when Venus enters Libra, it will improve our emotional luck. Relationships will find ways to mediate conflicts and resolve disagreements. The social relationships of the 12 zodiac signs have also changed markedly.


The new month knocks at the door with many new challenges and opportunities for the 12 zodiac signs.

Astrologer's Advice: Keep your spirits up in September. This will be a challenging wave that washes away lingering thoughts and gives you fresh insights into life.

So, the universe hopes that once again, the 12 zodiac signs will cheer up for a new battle this month!

Astrological predictions may not be completely accurate, but if you have faith, effort, and grasp opportunities, you will surely overcome all challenges and have success in September.

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