Aries Weekly Horoscope (14 to 20 February, 2022)

Aries Weekly Horoscope - Overview - Special Phenomenon

▪️19:14 on February 14, the Moon kicks off in Leo

▪️12:21 on February 17, Venus confronts Mars

This is a favorable aspect that lasts for about two days. Pleasure and pain can both work equally. The addiction to pleasure has really awakened in us; The question is how does it affect us. There may be moral laxity in some and concerns about love and marriage in others.

▪️2:12 PM on February 19th Moon conjugates Mars

This aspect gives Aries great will, courage, practical action, resourcefulness, activity, love of truth and openness.

It can be seen that this has been a pretty busy week. A special astrological statue, with continuous hexagonal and anti-opposite angles of the Moon with Uranus, Pluto and Mercury from the beginning of the week. Up to midweek sporadic planetary opposites; such as Venus opposite Mars, the Moon opposite Jupiter. Maybe we all need to be cautious.

Passion, blood and fire much more than the Aries Sun are all resonated with the Leo Moon this week. The desire to assert themselves, always wanting to be the center of everything, that creates people's ambitions for status and competitions to win.

The noble warmth and aristocratic warmth of the Moon Lion, combined with the enthusiasm and dynamism, molds an exciting and adventurous leader. You have won a glorious victory because of the impulsive risk of burning yourself, just remember to control your ambition a little more.

You pursue ideas with energy and excitement with a little risk. Your sense of self, your abilities are the things that lead you to success. But sometimes it makes you proud and complacent.

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Aries Weekly Horoscope: Prediction for Love & Relationship

Aries, during the week from 14 to 20 February you will have more meetings or contacts with friends who are younger than you, and who, despite their age, will have something to teach you or will provide you with useful information and knowledge.

Especially interesting and useful for you will be friendly or professional relationships with people born under water zodiac signs.

This week, a misunderstanding may arise, which may escalate into a dispute or conflict with a woman. She may be a person who will travel during these seven days or who lives in another locality.

Love, it seems that you are not going well, those of you who are still single will have an unhappy experience in dating. This constellation, if you have a couple, you will know how to make your other half satisfied, if your destiny values ​​and knows how to fulfill your promises, the relationship will become even more favorable.

In the emotional aspect, Aries has a fierce vitality like fire, you are rarely sad or suffer from autism and depression. If there are ups and downs, mental breakdown, or sadness, Aries will also easily overcome it quickly.

Aries Weekly Horoscope: Prediction for Work & Career

In general, the representatives of this zodiac sign will be subjected to more stress in performing their daily tasks.

The week will be remembered with some unpleasant news, which may be related to work or some institution.

The unpleasant moment here will be related to the fact that you previously had more optimistic expectations for the development of the specific situation or relationship.

During the week, avoid conflicts or opposition from colleagues and managers.

You will receive news during the week that will make you sad or disappointed, but it does not have to be about you.

Fortunately, the ideas you dream up tend to be playful and exciting. It is easy for you to achieve success when you have a brave heart and steadfast will.

Aries Weekly Horoscope: Prediction for Money, Finance

Aries, financial situation is still very stable, this zodiac sign will be able to reward itself with a well-deserved gift. It will be better if Aries pays more attention to details and will not miss the good opportunities that are coming their way.

Boys and girls will need to invest more energy and attention in school, university or professional activities and responsibilities. These things must be your priority at all costs. You can have meetings or conversations on important issues for your development, education and career.

During these seven days, not every obligation, job or responsibility will be pleasant to you, but good emotions will come when you fulfill them (finish them) with success.

Men will be very active this week, because there will be a lot of dynamics in terms of your social and professional contacts.

Different events in the country where you live will be much more dynamic and interesting. You will request and submit important information to your friends, colleagues, like-minded people.

Your personal time will be short (if you are one of the active representatives of this sign), but the results will be worth your effort.

Women will go through different moments of panic, fear, insecurity, under the influence of other people than because of real situations.

You can't seem to control yourself from friends' expensive invitations to eat, drink, date, buy a bath, etc. If not alert, Aries let emotions push the habit of spending money, then at the end of the day, it is easy to fall into an empty state.

Aries has a very liberal lifestyle and spending. You don't seem to care about saving for the future, what matters to you is the present life. So Aries' pocketbook will be very seriously threatened.

Aries Weekly Horoscope: Prediction for Health

Astrological researchers have shown that people of this zodiac sign think a lot, so they are often stressed, leading to headaches and insomnia. In addition, the habit of eating a lot and sleeping a lot can cause diseases related to the heart and stomach.

A healthy heart is a priceless gift for life, Aries. Aries can regular aerobic exercise is very beneficial for heart health. Top sports include cycling, climbing, walking, or swimming.

Rank 12 zodiac signs for the week of February 14 to 20

With the influence of the positive energy from the King of the Moon in Leo, perhaps we will all make a positive change. Especially for those born in the year of the Rabbit, Aries, you are in the chart of the 12 zodiac animals for the week of February 14-20, so there will be many good surprises.


With the energy from the Leo Moon, the fiery zodiac signs will receive a lot of luck. Includes: Aries,


Unlucky signs are constellations that do not have the same energy source as the Leo Moon. So your response to this astrological phenomenon will be resistance, or silent tolerance. And no matter which way you choose, you are turning yourself into the top unlucky constellation of the week. Like: Cancer,

*Editor Note: Hopefully, the information about the Aries Horoscope for the week of February 14 - February 20 will bring many useful things to you. Wish you have a new week full of energy.

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