ARIES Horoscope: Astrological Prediction for Health

Aries Health Horoscope.

ARIES Health Horoscope: Overview

In classical astrological medicine, there were four temperaments, that were connected to four vital fluids, and four essential constitution types. Being ruled by Mars, this sign is associated with the choleric temperament, which was thought to be hot and dry, and connected to the production of digestive bile. This temperament provides these folks with a fast metabolism and a tendency to run hot—both physically and emotionally. Those born with Aries rising, especially, may present an athletic body, high metabolism, flushed skin, and vulnerability to dehydration.

The natives have great energy, contagious enthusiasm, strength, and stamina. Your health issues are mainly due to overstress of work, squeezing yourself in course of accomplishing goals, angry impatience, and frustration. The natives are usually vigorous and possess a strong and tough constitution. You would be confined to bed when you are really sick. Your reaction to delay have an adverse impact on your health. You have a dash, confidence and the incredible power of speedy recovery. Your energy levels and moods sometimes fluctuate widely, which would be a serious concern for you. Though you are fitness conscious still you need to take care of your diet. You should avoid coffee, sugar and intoxicating drinks as these substances tend to stress your ailments. In spite of the tendency to get involved in accidents and all sorts of mishaps due to your intense activity, you are very tough.

ARIES Health Horoscope: Physical Appearance

The natives have sharp features with a prominent chin, nose, and mouth with a full upper lip. You have wide-set eyes with well-marked eyebrows. Your tone of speaking shows your self-confidence. You usually have broad shoulders and your body may slightly bend forward while walking. You lead your head while speaking and always walk in a great hurry. Since you walk fast you fall short on gracefulness. Your bone structure is fine and strong. Your postures reflect your self-confidence and supreme ego and bravery. You stand up straight and look straight in the eyes of the people unless you are deeply hurt or saddened. You have an average height, and your complexion is a little tanned and rugged than average. Your appearance can be jarring and you may have a mole somewhere on the face. The look is usually eccentric, often sporty, energetic and unrefined.


ARIES Health Horoscope: Beauty

You herald the new beginning and red color suits you the best. The color best matches your spirited personality. You should use this color more in your make-up and outfits as well as accessories to enhance your characteristics and beauty traits. You have a prominent forehead with dark, striking and well-marked eyebrows that compliment your facial structure. The smoky shades and smudged thick eyeliner best suit your intense eyes. You have the luxury of well-defined cheekbones. You will look attractive and graceful with soft shade highlighter and long earrings.

The sign has significance on the head, so hats or headgear of any color and design would suit your personality. Whether it is a last-minute purchase or a carefully chosen dress, it will look great on an Aries. The same thing may look ordinary on anyone else, but you carry any kind of outfit perfectly and look very fashionable and graceful.

ARIES Horoscope: Astrological Prediction for Health

ARIES Health Horoscope: Possible concerns

In classical astrological medicine, the entire zodiac was mapped out on the human body, starting with Aries ruling over the head, eyes, and upper vertebrae of the spine. Heat was thought to rise up in the body by ancient physicians, making. natives from this sign prone to the state of “hot-headedness”; getting easily angered or frustrated when under stress.

As a result, those with Aries prominent in their charts may be vulnerable to chronic headaches that cause pressure behind the eyes. They also can be especially prone to injuries of the neck, skull, and face. If this is your sign, please wear your helmet when climbing, cycling, skydiving, boxing… you get the idea. Aries natives need to keep themselves hydrated, balance their restlessness with some relaxation, and give themselves time to repair their muscles as well as injuries after their intense workouts.

Each sign has a part of the anatomy attached to it, making this the area of the body that is most sensitive to stimulation. The anatomical areas for Aries are the head, face and upper teeth.

Ruled by the head, Aries health horoscope predicts that they experience frequent headaches, so it's important for them to learn how to add R&R to their wellness routine. Rams aren't good at resting, but downtime can curb a headache before it starts. They should also make sure to drink water—because in their quest to be the best, Rams may skip this step at the gym. Finally, Rams honestly must get regular medical check-ups. Feeling unwell isn't a failure, and booking an appointment can keep a Ram in top-notch shape for their go-go-go lifestyle!

You are likely to fall victim to chronic and lingering diseases. You are more susceptible to fuming fever, rage infections in the stomach and kidneys, strokes and high blood pressure. You, however, are susceptible to migraine headaches, stomach ailments, and kidney infections. You should take extra care of the head, stomach, and kidneys. You should watch your diet as there are strong chances of indigestion and stomach disorders. You should guard your eyesight, visit the dentist regularly and treat your head cold seriously. You should stay away from alcohol to safeguard your kidneys and also to control combustible behavior and temperament due to Mars. You are likely to have skin rashes and pain in knee caps.

You just cannot slowdown, and hate every speed-breaker that comes in your way, distractions to be precise. Your recklessness and impatience to get things done in a rush and inability to finish off what you started, leaves you under stress, often affecting your food habits and health. If Moon is afflicted in an Aries Birth Chart, it brings about ailments related to blood, lungs, and breathing.

Your passion and enthusiasm govern your actions, thus to make the most of your assets, you should learn anger management skills right from the start. If your energy is directionless and you’re forced to work under a 9 to 5 desk job, your health will suffer.

Aries are prone to inflammation, rashes, and headaches due to over-activity and aggression. Mars rules Aries and also the energy, impulse, blood, and immune system. If you skip meals or eat junk food in a hurry, your digestive system will cease to function. You could suffer from low energy level at times, or headaches, constipation, fever and symptoms of burn-out.

ARIES Horoscope: Astrological Prediction for Health
Aries Zodiac Sign.
Aries should never ignore small problems. They mostly turn out to be big and problematic later. They should go for check-ups and get medical attention regularly.

ARIES Health Horoscope: Best Food

The word “fast food” is literally meant for Aries, if not figuratively. Just like everything in your life, you eat quickly; most of you swallow rather than chew, and engage in the next stressful activity as soon as you are done. Your food should be light, fiber-rich and easily digestible, but at the same time, should boost energy with lots of nutrients and calories. A DETOX diet with plenty of fiber and liquids is recommended for you, as it will cleanse your body of the toxins. Although do not avoid meat or fish completely (if you are not a vegetarian) for a long period as you need sufficient amount of protein and energy to keep you in the ever-active mode. To stay away from unnecessary headaches, high blood pressure, and rashes, spicy food and caffeine should also be avoided as much as possible.

You should intake a good amount of potassium phosphate in your diet in order to keep yourself away from depression. Potassium phosphate is good for the liver and kidneys. Food rich in these minerals are beans, tomatoes brown rice, lentils, olives, onions, walnuts, lettuce, cauliflower, cucumber, spinach, broccoli, figs, apricots, pumpkins, and bananas. You should also include dairy products in your diet as they are rich in calcium and healthy for teeth and bones. You should spend money on juicer or blender to prepare vegetable juices and smoothies that are quick and nutritious for you.

You belong to the fire element, so you should stay away from spicy food to keep acidity at bay. Salt and liquor are your enemies. Too much intake of salt would bring adversities to bones and arteries. It would negatively affect your skeletal and lymphatic systems. You should stay away from liquor as it would overstimulate and react negatively to your kidneys. You should drink plenty of water which is good for digestion and better functioning of kidneys. You should take proper sleep to be more relaxed and regain energy. 2020 Yearly Report gives you the best of the guidance, to direct yourself in a way that can surely improve your life with certain decisions related to your health.

Stinging Nettles are an important herbal ally for Aries, as nettles are ruled by Mars, which is connected to our blood. Nettles have a blood cleansing, nourishing, and anti-inflammatory effect that can be remedial for Aries health imbalances.

Aloe Vera is another great Mars plant and Aries ally. Its gel is cooling to skin inflammations like rosacea—which the Ram tends to be prone to—and burns that Aries may encounter while exploring or working with its natural element: fire. Aloe Vera juice is also a wonderful cooling, anti-inflammatory, hydrating supplement when taken internally.

Peppermint tea is cooling, soothing, and helpful for digestion for those with a hot choleric constitution. In oil form, it can make a great cooling balm for battle weary muscles or massaged into the temples to alleviate tension headaches. Peppermint aromatherapy can calm the mind and clear Aries’ head if they are feeling irritable, overstimulated, and overworked.

ARIES Health Horoscope: Best Fitness Routines

Anything that satiates your urge to release the physical energy and explore the unknown is good for your overall health. Find an outlet for your energy and impulsiveness, like jogging, yoga, meditation, or cycling. When angry, use your aggression as a fuel for a healthier lifestyle, and instead of pulling Godzilla and destroying things. Play badminton, squash, or practice martial arts. These activities help release a massive amount of energy in a short span. Do not forget to get yourself more time to sleep to relax, rejuvenate, and recharge.

Aries are all about living it up every single moment and rarely have a shortage of energy. Aries can frequently be found at the gym, which they truly think of as a happy space. Generally healthy, Aries know how to indulge when the time is right but can feel lethargic and blah if they abstain from physical activity for too long. Driven and impatient, Aries is a sign that wants to nix the blues as soon as they appear. Luckily, it takes no time for the Ram to rise back to the top. Here are the best ways for an Aries to bounce back:

1. Make a list of all their successes—it'll be a long list!

2. Watch back-to-back action movies or crime dramas that amp up the adrenaline.

3. Sweat at the gym.

4. Dress up and go out. Independent Rams don't need a party. They make a party.

5. Emailing a role model? Jumping out of a plane? Whatever Aries may fear, facing it is a guaranteed way to feel better.

6. Get work done. They're not workaholics, but work genuinely excites them. Spreadsheets on a Saturday night? Why not!

7. Have a game night. Aries loves board games (as long as everyone is actually trying to win).

8. Send a funny Snap to a friend. Even though it's not as immediately apparent as their other traits, Aries' sense of humor has to be stoked on the regular.

9. Start a bonfire, a fireplace fire, or watch a fire app on TV. Flames can soothe the soul of this fire sign.

10. Get a scalp massage! Ahh, now that feels good!

Aries' Ailments: Headaches

Aries' Strengths: Energy

Aries' Weaknesses: Green juice, trendy diets, and too-good-to-be-true miracle cures. Even though Rams know that there's no quick fix, they can't resist any product that claims to give them an edge over other people.

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