Overview Apple TV+ in July 2024

On over 1 billion screens, including those of the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Vision Pro, Mac, popular smart TVs from Samsung, LG, Sony, VIZIO, TCL, and other manufacturers, Roku and Amazon Fire TV devices, Chromecast with Google TV, PlayStation and Xbox game consoles, and the Apple website, Apple TV+ is accessible via the Apple TV app in more than 100 countries and regions.

Award-winning films and television series abound on Apple TV+, and a large portion of this highly regarded content is original! Even though Apple's streaming service costs $10 a month, its vast library of games makes it well worth the money. In addition, Apple constantly updates its library with new movies and TV shows, so it's our responsibility to stay up to date on the newest offerings from the service.

Without further ado, enjoy everything brand-new and amazing that will be available on Apple TV+ in July 2024.

The crime drama Women in Blue ("Las Azules"), the limited series Lady in the Lake, the thriller series Sunny, the family series Me, the docuseries Omnivore, the humorous adventure series Time Bandits, and the crime drama Sunny are among the shows that will air on Apple TV Plus in July 2024.

Sony Pictures will also release Apple's Fly Me to the Moon, starring Scarlett Johansson and Channing Tatum, in theaters in July. The film will subsequently be accessible on Apple TV+.

Apple TV Plus in July 2024 Highlights

Apple TV+ in JULY 10

Sunny (Thriller Series)

Apple TV+ in July 2024 Schedule/Highlights for Series: Thriller, Drama, Family And Documentary
Apple TV+ in JULY 10: Sunny (Thriller Series)

In "Sunny," Rashida Jones plays Suzie, an American woman who lives in Kyoto, Japan. Her life is turned upside down when her husband and son go missing in a mysterious plane crash. To "make her feel better," she gave Sunny, a new type of house robot made by her husband's electronics company. At first, Sunny's attempts to fill the hole in Suzie's life make her angry, but over time, the two become friends in a way she didn't expect. They find out the horrible truth about what happened to Suzie's family together and get caught up in a dangerous world that Suzie didn't know existed.

Apple TV+ in JULY 12

Me (Kids & Family Series)

Apple TV+ in July 2024 Schedule/Highlights for Series: Thriller, Drama, Family And Documentary

The trailer for the upcoming live-action family series "Me," a sophisticated cinematic coming-of-age tale from Barry L. Levy (who wrote the 2008 film "Vantage Point"), was released by Apple TV+ this morning. The show will make its global premiere on Friday, July 12.

"Me" centers on 12-year-old Ben, who is going through the turmoil of middle school, complete with crushes, bullies, and school dances! as he becomes accustomed to his newly blended family AND discovers he is superhuman. Over the course of the ten-episode season, Ben embarks on a self-discovery journey and discovers the true meaning of possessing superpowers. In trying to understand what it means to be Ben, he finds an ally in Max, his stepsister, who assists him in developing these abilities and learning the truths behind the tragedies and mysteries of his community.

Apple TV+ in JULY 19

Lady in the Lake (Drama/Thriller Series)

Apple TV+ in July 2024 Schedule/Highlights for Series: Thriller, Drama, Family And Documentary
Apple TV+ Reveals Trailer for Natalie Portman, Moses Ingram-Led Limited Series ‘Lady in the Lake’

The first two episodes of "Lady in the Lake" will premiere globally on Friday, July 19, 2024, on Apple TV+. New episodes will air every Friday until August 23, 2024.

The lives of two women are destined to collide fatally when a small girl goes missing on Thanksgiving 1966 in Baltimore. The Jewish housewife Maddie Schwartz (Natalie Portman) aspires to leave her past behind and start over as an investigative journalist. Meanwhile, Cleo Johnson (Moses Ingram) is a mother who must navigate Black Baltimore's political underbelly while also trying to support her family. At first, their different lives appear to be parallel, but as Maddie grows obsessed with Cleo's mysterious passing, a rift develops that endangers everyone in their immediate vicinity. "Lady in the Lake," from visionary director Alma Har'el, is a startling story about the price women must pay for their dreams and a feverish noir thriller.

Omnivore (Documentary Series)

In every episode of "Omnivore," eight of the world's most important ingredients—bananas, chilies, coffee, corn, pork, rice, salt, and tuna—are celebrated for their cultivation, transformation, and consumption, demonstrating how they are the foundation of cultural heritage around the world. Redzepi and executive producer Matt Goulding, winner of an Emmy Award for "Anthony Bourdain: Explore Parts Unknown," take viewers on a global journey while revealing the complex histories behind the ingredients that have influenced societies, cultures, beliefs, and human history.

In addition to various US locations, the series transports viewers to countries such as Denmark, Serbia, Thailand, Spain, Japan, Djibouti, Peru, South Korea, France, Colombia, India, Bali, Rwanda, and Mexico. Every episode features a close-up look at culinary customs by Redzepi and other series contributors, highlighting regional initiatives to respect, preserve, and safeguard Earth's bounty.

With executive producers Redzepi, Goulding, Chris Rice, Ben Liebmann, Michael Antinoro, Max Wagner, Collin Orcutt, and Mateo Willis, "Omnivore" is produced for Apple TV+ by FIFTH SEASON and FILM 45. "Omnivore" was developed for television by Cary Joji Fukunaga.

Apple TV+ in JULY 24

Time Bandits (Kids & Family Series)

The adored cult classic film is being televised for the first time ever in the comedy adventure series "Time Bandits." "Time Bandits" is an unpredictable journey through time and space with a motley crew of thieves and their newest member, an 11-year-old history buff named Kevin, produced for Apple TV+ by Paramount Television Studios, Anonymous Content's AC Studios, and MRC. Jemaine Clement, Iain Morris, and Taika Waititi. They embarked on an exciting journey together to save the boy's parents as well as the entire planet.

Waititi and Clement make special cameos in "Time Bandits" as well. "Time Bandits," which consists of ten episodes, is produced by MRC, Anonymous Content's AC Studios, and Paramount Television Studios for Apple TV+.

Select episodes are executive produced, written, and directed by Clement, Morris, and Waititi. Clement and Morris also function as co-showrunners. In addition to Jane Stanton, who serves as executive producer for Handmade Films, Garrett Basch and Tim Coddington also serve as executive producers.


Women in Blue (Las Azules) (Drama Series)

Apple TV+ in July 2024 Schedule/Highlights for Series: Thriller, Drama, Family And Documentary
Women in Blue

On Wednesday, July 31, 2024, the first two episodes of Women in Blue, a show that Pablo Aramendi (Tijuana, Los Elegidos) and Fernando Rovzar (Monarca, Sr. vila), both showrunners and directors who have won numerous international Emmy awards, created, will premiere globally on Apple TV+. Thereafter, the show will air once a week until September 25.

Women in Blue, a 1970s drama based on true events, follows four women who join Mexico's first female police force against all odds only to find out later that their unit is a publicity stunt designed to divert attention away from a vicious serial killer.

As the number of bodies rises, Ángeles (Ximena Sariñana), a brilliant fingerprint analyst; Gabina (Amorita Rasgado), a renowned cop whose father is a cop; and Valentina (Natalia Téllez), a young rebel, organize a covert investigation to accomplish what no male officer has been able to do: bring the serial killer to justice.

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