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Those easy tips might help you decorate your wedding ceremony by arranging flowers:

Arranging Wedding Flowers – Timing is Critical

If you are the bride, mother of the bride or have other big wedding day responsibilities, think twice about your desire to arrange the flowers. Wedding flowers must be put together at the last minute and there will be mountains of other things competing for your attention. Here are some of the questions to consider:

What’s the Scope? Even a simple wedding can call for dozens of table arrangements, plus bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres. Will there be an arbor or huppah that needs decorating? How about special arrangements for the entrance, ceremony area, wedding party table, bar and buffet tables? Will the aisle be decorated?

Even for a modest-sized wedding, experienced floral designers usually schedule a couple assistants to help them prep. Much of it can be done the day before, but depending on the site, the weather and the types of flowers being used, there’s usually plenty that needs to happen on the wedding day, suggested by Longfield Garden.

Casual or Formal? If the bride has very specific expectations for the flowers and every detail is critical, it makes sense to call in a professional. You need someone with experience, staff and full access to a wide range of materials. If flowers are not a top concern and the bride will be thrilled with casual bouquets of whatever is in bloom, then you have a good chance for success.

How about Containers? Every wedding has a style of its own, and containers play a big role in expressing that style. Will it be farmhouse rustic with milk cans and sap buckets? Boho-chic with colored glass and beads? Italian Renaissance? Cool and contemporary?

Whatever the style, collecting all the necessary containers and accessories is a project in itself. Most weddings require at least a few large arrangements, and it’s important to find suitable ways to display them. Make sure all containers are water-tight and heavy enough not to topple when someone bumps a table or the wind comes up.

Amazingly easy tips to arrange wedding flowers
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Who Will Be in Charge? With such a big project and such a very important day, one person needs to be responsible for the flowers – and it can’t be the bride. The flower boss needs to understand the bride’s vision and have her complete confidence. They need to know every element that’s required and be able to source, time, order and track all of the materials, from flowers, vases and floral foam to ribbons and boutonniere pins.

The actual production process also needs to be carefully scheduled so everything is ready before the photos begin and the guests arrive. When will the flowers be delivered and where will they be stored? Is there a cool and protected workspace and will there be enough people to help? How long does it take to make a bridal bouquet or cover an arbor with greenery? Once the flowers have been arranged, where will they be stored, and how will they be transported and distributed?

Select your flowers: Many different flowers can give the colors you choose. Will you want roses or carnations, orchids or iris? Your decision will be somewhat influenced by where you live and the season of the year. Lilacs are almost impossible to get (at a price you can afford) in January, so find other flowers that have a similar shade. You may decide to have all roses or an assortment of several varieties. Whatever you choose, make sure the flowers are available in your locale or place a special order for just what you want.

Make a recipe to follow: Prepare a recipe for your floral arrangements just as you would write a recipe for a food you're preparing. Each centerpiece will need a container, a block of floral foam, 12 stems of roses, five stems of baby's breath, and three stems of ivy. Well, you get the picture. Be sure you have more than you need for what you expect to make.

Amazingly easy tips to arrange wedding flowers
Photo: Esty Blog

Gather all the supplies: Get everything together in a box with easy access. If you have three friends helping, be sure you have three sets of supplies to help make the work go more smoothly. You'll want to include clippers, floral tape, ribbons, floral moss, flower preservative, rose strippers if you have roses, corsage pins, and vase. Once you have your recipe, you'll know what you need.

A cool place for storage: You'll probably purchase and start preparing the flowers several days ahead of the big event, and they'll need to be kept chilled. If it's a hot summer, reserve a room in the house and crank up the air conditioner. But don't let the cold air blow directly on the flowers.

Other Important Tips

Here are more tips to help when you're doing your own wedding flowers. There are lots of things to remember, so keep it as simple as you possibly can, all the while getting just what you want.

Corsages for the ladies: Every woman likes to have the special recognition that a corsage gives. Keep the corsages simple, coordinated to the lady's dress.

Boutonnieres for the men: Again, recognize the special male family members and friends with a simple boutonniere.

Save some work: Both corsages and boutonnieres, even the simplest ones, are time-consuming, especially if you have a long list of special guests. Consider buying these made up from a florist if your time is limited or you don't have enough help.

Flowers for the fitting: Plan to make one of your practice bouquets for the day you'll have your wedding gown fitting. Take the bouquet with you and critically evaluate the size, shape, length of stems, colors, and the style of your dress. Get the bridesmaids together at the same time. Make a note of the changes required to make them perfect. If some of the flowers don't look right (such as daisies with a silk beaded gown), make note of the changes needed. Confirm size, shape, and colors, too.

Reception table centerpieces: If you have a large wedding reception, you might need to look for some budget, but beautiful, ways to decorate the tables, according to The Spruce.

Here are some ideas:

  • Float candles and large rose or peony blossoms in a large glass bowl.
  • Place flowering plants into pretty baskets, urns, or containers. Cover the dirt with floral moss.

  • Set a tall orchid plant in full flower into a brass or silver urn.

  • Arrange votive holders and candles on to of a mirrored placemat in the center of the table. Add small vases of flowers.

  • Arrange a short-cut handful of rosebuds into an uneven number (three, five, or seven) of silver mint julep cups.

  • Lay seasonal greens such as pine boughs or ivy fronds on a tray with candles, beaded fruit, and a few fresh flowers in vials of water.

  • Place fresh fruit into a footed glass bowl. Tuck stems of flowers in the cracks.

  • Create a garden of candles of different heights. Arrange ivy between the holders.

  • Gather small photos of the bride and groom, insert in pretty silver picture frames, and alternate with pretty candle tapers.

  • Place a single stem of flower (such as lily, rose, or hydrangea) into a tall clear vase and set atop a mirrored mat. Arrange votive candles around the vase.

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