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Time management is a big concern for mothers these days. Between kids’ activities, household responsibilities and, for many, the demands of a stressful workplace, many mothers have given up on the fight to find time for themselves and are just trying to get everything done. The following time management tips can be used by busy moms everywhere to take some of the stress out of life, and create more time for fun times with children, quality time with their partner, or even that coveted and nearly forgotten alone time, Verywellfamily expressed.

1. Know your goals and focus areas so you don’t waste time on non-essentials.

Things are going to pop up all day every day. You’ll be cruising right along, getting stuff done when you suddenly think of something you need to research or do. Or you’ll come across an email about an opportunity or idea that looks really interesting. Refuse to give in to every idea and distraction that comes into view. When you know what you’re aiming for and you have a plan to get there you will find it much easier to focus on your plan and let everything else fall away (or at least be pushed aside for the time being).

2. Track and audit your time for a week to detect waste.

When you want to get your finances in order the first thing that any good personal finance expert will tell you to do is to track your spending for a month to give you an idea of where you are starting from and where you have room for improvement. This works the same way with your time. Track each minute of your day for a week and then review. I bet you’ll realize you’re wasting a whole lot more time than you thought, or at the very least you’ll see that you could be spending pockets of time more wisely to align more closely with your goals, according to the website Workingmomsbalance.

3. Establish same work hours.

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Before you commit to taking a new role, make sure you have similar expectations for your work hours with your potential employer. Life commitments and job projects will ebb and flow, so be sure to check in periodically to make sure that expectations have not changed. That way, if your boss typically calls or emails after hours, you can decide whether you’re available or not. Many working mothers reserve nights and weekends exclusively for family.

4. Embrace the power of “No.”

You don’t have to attend every PTA meeting, chaperone all field trips or take on additional work projects. Saying no can be tough, but it is a skill that frees up time you wouldn’t otherwise have access to. Further, watching you enforce limits teaches your kids the value of setting boundaries, Workingmother suggested.

5. Don’t even try to multitask.

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People perform better when they give focused attention to the task at hand. When you’re at work, stop worrying about dinner; when you’re helping your son with algebra, don’t also be texting your husband a grocery list.

6. Take shortcuts

If you can get pre-cut vegetables or canned sauce for dinner, do it. If you can afford one of those dishwashers that can handle un-rinsed dishes, even better. The time management tip to remember here is to find the shortest route to where you need to be (getting to the office, getting homework done, getting the house clean), and take it.

7. Create space between work and family

This may be one of the most difficult challenges for working mothers, especially if you are working or running a business from home. And even if you work outside of the home, you may feel a nag to “check in” on projects or other work-related tasks when you’re with family. Likewise, when you’re at work, you may be thinking of the dentist appointment that needs to be made or other things at home, Wholefamilyliving added.

8. Wrapping up

One of the best things a busy working mother can do for herself and her family is to create systems to manage time. Doing this will allow you to accomplish much more and do more of the things that bring you happiness and create a happier, healthier home for you and your family.

9. Spend enough time sleeping

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If you do nothing else, prioritize your sleep needs so you can thrive. You’ll drag all day and ultimately waste time if you’re under-rested. Schedule sleep like any other activity and go to bed at bedtime so you can function the next day. (And enforce your kids’ bedtimes too. It’s good for them and for you.)

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