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If you’re interested in watching Spanish movies and series with English subtitles, there are several platforms where you can legally stream or download them. Remember that some of these platforms may require you to create an account or sign in. Enjoy your Spanish movie marathon! Here are some options.

8 Free Websites to Download/Watch Spanish Movies and Series With English Subtitles
Best Free Sites to Download/Watch Spanish Movies and Series With English Subtitles

Top 8 Free Sites to Download/Watch Spanish Movies and Series With English Subtitles

1. Rakuten TV


While Rakuten is mostly recognized for its video rentals, it also provides over 100 free movies (such as Dredd, La Señal, and St. Vincent) and a few free kids TV series (including Morph and Glumpers).

While several can be watched in English with Spanish subtitles, these are completely available in Spanish. Before viewing anything, users must form an account, but all that's needed is for your email address to be verified.

Rakuten TV is an ad-supported service, therefore before you can stream anything, you must disable your ad blocker. Nevertheless, this isn't a big deal because the advertisements normally last little more than a minute before the film begins. Be aware that if you navigate to another tab in your browser, these ads will automatically pause.

2. Tubi TV


More than thirty children's TV series and hundreds of free Spanish films are available on Tubi, including many rather recent hits like Raúl, Aurora, and The Objects of Love. You can stream with an ad-blocker enabled, even though this service is financed by advertisements; there's no need to register before you start.

If a user's internet connection is exceptionally sluggish, they have the option to lower the video quality. Moreover, the majority of the films include English subtitles, and the ones that don't usually come from straight-to-video, lower-budget productions.

Available everywhere, with the exception of European nations. There is always a Spanish-language category, even though the content varies depending on the nation.

3. Pluto TV


Pluto TV is a peculiar service that imitates traditional TV by offering endless playlists of films organized into various "channels." Nevertheless, it also has a robust on-demand collection and a specific Latino area with 22 live Spanish channels, six of which are dedicated to movies.

What sort of content are you likely to find, then? There are a lot of well-known films, such as War of the Worlds, Friday the 13th, and Daybreakers, and there's even a whole channel devoted to playing vintage James Bond films with Spanish dubbing. While there are more ads displayed than on some other sites, the breaks are much shorter than when you would be watching television.

English subtitles were supported by a large number of the titles we examined, and we were happy to see a broad selection of configurable options. For example, the font's size, color, and opacity can all be altered.

Available in: Several nations across the globe. Nevertheless, the majority of Spanish content is found in nations with sizable Spanish-speaking populations, such as the US, Mexico, and Colombia. It's interesting to note that because the European library is much smaller, consumers in Spain cannot access any Spanish movies.

5. Pelis Online


Pelis Online is a great place to browse free information because there are no fees associated with registering. You may easily use the website's user-friendly structure to find your favorite movie. The homepage of the website is populated with well-known movies as soon as you click on it. You can search for movies on the website by year, genre, and location. But you can also use the search bar to look up a certain movie title.

6. RepelisHD

Website Link:

Another website where you can obtain free Spanish movie material online without registering is RepelisHD. The website offers an easy-to-navigate interface with a vast array of content. You may also view titles with high ranks by using the IMDb ranking tools available on the website. RepelisHD offers foreign films with subtitles for you to enjoy in addition to Spanish and Latin dubbed content.

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7. Popcornflix


Although the majority of the content on Popcornflix is in English, it also has a few dozen Spanish-language films available, including dubbed versions of Turn the River, Under Heavy Fire, and The Guilty. The majority of Spanish-language films available on this site are now quite old, and there is an excess of low-budget horror flicks, but that is to be expected from a free streaming service.

The fact that you may view without signing up is a perk. The main issue we have with this service is that only a small number of Spanish-language films have English subtitles, and those that do usually place them in the upper-left corner of the screen.

US and Canada are available. It's interesting to note that while most Spanish-language films are accessible everywhere, content appears to be prohibited based on the specific movie.

8. RTVE Play


The official website of “Televisión Española” (RTVE) provides quality content, including movies (over 300 titles), both Spanish and international productions. It’s free to use and offers a variety of shows and series as well.

Paid Sites to Download/Watch Spanish Movies and Series With English Subtitles

1. Pantaya

Although Pantaya is a lesser-known service, Lionsgate owns it, so it can afford to provide a good balance of well-known films and unique content. There's also a lot of diversity, including movies, children's programs, and reality TV (Día de Muertos, Soy De Rancho, and 3 Metros Sombre el Cielo, for example). There is a seven-day free trial available for this service so you may try it out before committing. The monthly fee is $5.99 USD.

Many of Pantaya's classic movies lack subtitles, while recent work typically does. To sign up, you'll also need a payment method associated with a US address. One advantage is that most movies and TV series may be downloaded for offline watching.

Available: Pantaya is only accessible within the United States, so if you're going overseas, you'll need a US IP address.

2. Hulu

Hulu offers a vast collection of Spanish-language video. This program allows you to view films such as Desperado, Miss Bala, and Yuli. It also provides access to telenovelas, kid-friendly TV series, English-language shows with Spanish dubbing, and WWE, CSI, and Fear the Walking Dead.

After a free one-month trial, the monthly fee of this service is $5.99 USD. Most titles feature English subtitles, but all Spanish-language content, including Hulu Original series like The Handmaid's Tale, also has the option of Spanish subtitles.

Only in the United States is Hulu's Spanish-language content accessible.

3. Amazon Prime Prime

Given its widespread availability, it seems to reason that Spanish-speaking nations will benefit from Amazon Prime Video's tremendous library of Spanish-language films. For example, No Rest for the Wicked, Il Trovatore, and La Buena Vida are available for streaming in the US. The lack of a language filter for titles is our only grievance. This implies that you must search the international category for Spanish-language movies and remove any that aren't in the language.

When you have an Amazon Prime account, you can access Prime Video for free. There's a complimentary one-month trial period following which the monthly fee is $12.99 USD. The ability to add channel packs to your subscription to watch all of your content in one location is one of the best features of this service; Pantaya and Flixlatino charge an additional $5.99 and $2.99 per month, respectively, for Prime addons.


With a wide varierty of websit choices, you can surft the internet to enjoy as many as Spainish movies and series as you can. Hope that the list above is helpful to you. Follow us to continue to explore more useful content.

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