3506 isle royale michigan
Visit Isle Royale. Photo: mlive

Here are 7 things you should do if you have an opportunity to visit Michigan:

1. Visit Isle Royale

Remote and virtually inaccessible during the winter, Isle Royale earned its status as the least visited national park honestly. But there are lots of good reasons to go, the night sky (unparalleled in the continental U.S.) among the best.

3614 grand hotels front porch
Pay the $10 for Grand Hotel's Front Porch. Photo: mackinacisland

2. Pay the $10 for Grand Hotel's Front Porch

Best $10 you ever will spend in Michigan: The entry fee to the Grand Hotel’s Front Porch on Mackinac Island. You can rest your feet on a hot summer day (remember, no automobiles are allowed on the island), order a drink or 2 or a bite to eat and enjoy breathtaking views of the hotel’s signature geraniums, Lake Huron, the Mackinac Bridge and ferries carrying visitors to and from the island, all from a white rocking chair that’s as comfortable as it is big. The $10 fee also buys you access to shops and other public places of the hotel. The best part is there is no hurry. Stay as long as you like during business hours.

3739 copper harbor trails
Go mountain biking in Copper Harbor Trails. Photo: copper harbor

3. Go mountain biking in Copper Harbor Trails

As one reviewer wrote, “This network is pretty much everything it's reputed to be. Remote, rugged, gnarly, scenic, and tons o' fun. One of a very select few 5 star systems in the Midwest, and well worth every star.”

3948 drive the tunnel of trees
Drive the Tunnel of Trees. Photo: mackinaw city

4. Drive the Tunnel of Trees

M119, aka the Tunnel of Trees, between Cross Village and Harbor Springs, will immerse you into the foliage that forms tunnels over the road come fall or the millions of trillium on the forest floor in spring.

4119 make your own snowshoes
Make your own snowshoes. Photo: michigan

5. Make your own snowshoes

You can make your own snowshoes at stunning Ludington State Park, then try them out on powder-filled beaches and trails.

4420 hilltop restaurant
Share a cinnamon roll at the Hilltop Restaurant in L'Anse. Photo: Tripadvisor

6. Share a cinnamon roll at the Hilltop Restaurant in L'Anse

There's a reason the restaurant's website is simply “sweetroll.com,” for the rolls of jaw-dropping size are also tasty enough to bring visitors back over and again.

4543 fireworks in st ignace
Watch fireworks in St. Ignace. Photo: saintignace

7. Watch fireworks in St. Ignace

Take in the fireworks, shot off weekly, weekly fireworks from the marina at St. Ignace or via a lighthouse cruise.

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