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There are many different streaming services available to South Africans with an active Internet connection, and many of them are free to use.

You may utilize some of these services for free without having to deal with advertisements. See which are the top free websites to watch and download South African films and TV shows by looking through the list below.

7 Best Free Sites To Watch/Download South African Movies and TV Series
7 Best Free Sites To Watch/Download South African Movies and TV Series

1. AfriforumTV


In April 2022, the South African civil rights organization AfriForum introduced Afriforum TV, a free Afrikaans streaming service.

It provides a variety of material, such as news, lifestyle, documentaries, school sports, and general entertainment.

But its main product is its Afrikaans reality TV, which features segments on driving, traveling, politics, history, and hunting.

Users must register for an account on the AfriforumTV website in order to access the service, which looks to be ad-free at least for the time being.

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2. eVOD


eVOD eMedia introduced eVOD in August 2021 with a free and premium tier.

The majority of the well-known soap operas and telenovelas that air on E-TV are accessible to members on the free tier. Imbewu and Scandal are two of these.

Along with various classic Hollywood films in categories like action, comedy, horror, thriller, romance, and drama, it also provides a selection of eVOD Original films.

To begin streaming, users must create an account on the eVOD website using their phone number or email address and a password.

3. Rlaxx TV


In July 2022, RlaxxTV made its debut in South Africa, providing over 80 live TV stations with advertising and on-demand programming across the country.

Users of the Germany-based streaming service may stay on top of channels and programs with the help of a TV guide like to DStv.

In addition to local stations, South African viewers have access to a large selection of foreign channels, including Comedy Dynamics, Thrill One, and Gusto TV.

Users can access Rlaxx TV via the web, Android, iOS, and a number of smart TV operating systems without having to register.

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4. Twitch


7 Best Free Sites To Watch/Download South African Movies and TV Series

Twitch allows users to watch and react to games played by others without the cost of cable television. For a price, users have the option to subscribe to certain streamers.

The platform has several broadcasters available to its approximately 140 million monthly active users.

These can include casual comic content creators, ardent esports players in multiplayer first-person shooters, and musicians performing live on the site.

5. Viu


Viu is a streaming service with its headquarters in Hong Kong that provides both paid ad-free and free ad-supported options.

Viewers can access a limited selection of Hollywood movies and TV shows as well as older SABC and E-TV soap operas on its ad-supported service.

6. DStv Stream


DStv Stream MultiChoice's DStv provides a number of channels that consumers can view without a subscription.

These include music-focused Channel O, kids stations like PBS Kids, and news channels like Al Jazeera and eNCA.

Limited video-on-demand programming, including sports and kid-friendly shows, is also available.

DStv Stream may be accessed on multiple platforms, including the web and different smart TV operating systems including iOS, Android, and Huawei.

To begin streaming, users must create a MultiChoice ID with a password, email address, and phone number.

7. YouTube


Hundreds of hours of user-generated video are added to YouTube every minute, providing an enormous library of content.

Videos are avaiable on almost any subject you can think of, including science, history, and religion in addition to games, movies, and music.

YouTube has made some users extremely wealthy by giving producers a portion of the cash from ads. It has also included additional options, like as paid memberships, for viewers to support their preferred channels.

In summary

You can frequently pause, fast-forward, rewind, and jump through episodes or movies using these services.

Even though you can't skip the commercials, this is already a significant benefit over standard linear TV.

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