Receiving an endless amount of sunshine and summer days, Florida is officially regarded the America’s tropical getaway. Most visitors coming to Florida are often attracted by the gorgeous coastline beaches and theme park attractions. Some of them say that it is important to try and to enjoy the unique dining experiences that only Florida can provide. Here are the top 5 local foods that are a must-try when visiting the Sunshine State, suggested by Food network.

1.Dole Whip

1049 dole whip
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As mentioned as one of the must-visit destinations in Florida, Walt Disney World is famous for its Dole Pineapple Whip. According to the, with just a cult-like following, this beloved frozen pineapple treat has copycat recipes all over the internet. However, to taste the most authentic version of this delightful dessert you will have to visit a Disney park. Served in a cup or as a float, nothing will beat the heat like this creamy and refreshing pineapple flavoured piece of heaven.

2. Stone Crabs

1148 stone crabs

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The second position in the's chart belongs to Stone Crab. Florida has stone crabs, rock-solid rose-hued claws that nearly require an axe to break through their exoskeletal shell. The hearty lobster-like hunks are meat are worth the effort, but it feels more indulgent to let someone else do the hard work.

For that, there’s no better place than Joe’s Stone Crab in South Beach. The restaurant has sold its namesake dish since 1913, well before Miami Beach was incorporated as a city. After more than a century, the seasonal, no-reservations restaurant is busier than ever, and guests can expect a lengthy wait. However, for those looking to grab a claw and run, there’s a convenient take-away shop tucked on the side of the building.

3. Cuban Sandwich

1309 cuban sandwich
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It is revealed by the, most Floridians would agree that the most famous sandwich in southern Florida is the Cuban. With Cuba not that far from the Florida coast, ex-pats from the country brought a variation of the classic sandwich to the state in the early 1900s where it remains a signature dish in some of Miami’s most popular Cuban restaurants. Once you bite into a warm, crispy Cuban sandwich, you are sure to be hooked for life. The combination of roast pork, ham, swiss cheese and pickles are delicious pairings on their own, but when you press it all between thick Cuban bread it is impossible to resist at any time of the day.

4. Fritas

1347 fritazs
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The 4th favourite food is the Frita, essentially a Cuban take on a hamburger, which has been a Miami staple since the 1950s, arriving on the shores of South Florida with the mass of immigrants fleeing the Cuban Revolution. The classic variation features a beef patty seasoned with cumin, paprika and pepper, topped with fried potato sticks (papas fritas), sandwiched between slices of flaky Cuban bread.

Since 1976, el Rey de las Fritas has served some of the best in town. While the shops — now four, plus a roaming food truck — offer numerous variations (one comes with fried plantains on top), traditionalists stick to the Original Frita Cubana. This one blends ground beef and chorizo into a patty with a “secret formula” of spices, topped with raw onion and julienned fries.


1415 conch

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The last position goes for the conch which is a delicacy that is abundantly found in this area, so much so that the region is sometimes referred to as “Conch Republic”. Hiding delicious meat underneath their shells, conch is a large shellfish typically soaked in lemon juice in order to tenderize it and then used to create dishes like ceviche, chowder, and the most popular, chopped and fried into conch fritters.