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Culture in Georgia is vastly different from its geographical landscape with far-right republicans challenging left-wing liberals and craggy mountains contrasting the alligator-infested marshlands.

The capital city of Atlanta is a sprawling metropolis and home to some of the largest US (and world) corporations as well as friendly neighborhoods and local markets.

Here are the 5 best things to do in Georgia:

1. Attend a Traditional Supra

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A Traditional Supra. Photo: Travel Lemming.

What’s a “Supra” you ask?

Well, it’s basically a traditional Georgian feast. Picture plate after plate of delicious Georgian cuisine served up in a Georgian home, all while copious amounts of homemade wine is served up until late into the evening.

So how do you go about attending a supra?

Well, frankly, usually you need an invite from some Georgian friends. So you’re first option is to get friendly with the locals and maybe you’ll be just lucky enough to score an invite.

But scoring an invite to a supra is going to be a serious challenge, especially if you’re only in town for a few days.

I have a couple friends who are working to start a “supra for travelers” in Tbilisi, but unfortunately that won’t be operational until 2020.

So, until then, the only viable option I’ve found for travelers at this point is to sign up for a “dinner with a local” through a very cool company called Eat With which connects travelers with locals to eat in their homes, according to Travel Lemming.

2. Taste Georgian Wine

Top 5 Things to Do in Georgia
Georgian Wine. Photo. Hvino News

The secret about Georgian wine is officially out.

Georgian wine is quickly becoming renowned as some of the highest quality vino in all of Europe. And with good reason: the temperate environmental conditions in Georgia’s province of Khatkhati, combined with centuries of experience by the local vintners, make for seriously delicious stuff.

You can taste Georgian wine just about anywhere (many locals even make their own at home), but serious oenophiles won’t want to miss a tour of the many vineyards in Khatkhati.

3. Visit a Medieval Land

Top 5 Things to Do in Georgia
Ushguli. Photo: Travel Lemming.

One of the most enchanting places on the planet is locked high in Georgia’s Caucasian mountains:

The province of Svaenti is dotted with hundreds of ancient watchtowers that for years helped the local communities keep invaders at bay.

Previously inaccessible except through a single long and winding road, Svaneti has recently begun to accept a flood of visitors, thanks in part to government-subsidized flights from Tbilisi.

But, despite the increasing tourist numbers, visiting Svaneti remains one of the top things to do in Georgia the country.

4. Hike to the Gergeti Trinity Church

Top 5 Things to Do in Georgia

Gergeti Trinity Church. Photo: Pinterest

And, given the gorgeous scene, it’s no wonder why visiting the Trinity Church is one of the most popular things to do in Georgia.High in the mountains of the Kazbegi region of Georgia lies the Gergeti Trinity Church. If you’ve seen one photo of the country of Georgia, it’s probably of this iconic building set against the backdrop of majestic Mount Kazbegi.

While it is possible to visit the church as part of day trip from Tbilisi, an even better thing to do in Georgia is to spend a night in the nearby town of Stepantsminda, then wake up early for a steep climb that will reward you with peaceful time at the iconic church before the tour buses roll in.

5. Visit Savannah Historic District

Top 5 Things to Do in Georgia
Savannah Historic District. Photo: Pinterest

As said by Vacation Idea. the Savannah Historic District corresponds with the city limits at the time just prior to the American Civil War. Laid out in 1733 by General James E. Oglethorpe, the founder of the British Colony of Georgia, the original town was divided into wards, which were sections of land that each contained a central square, four civic buildings, and ten residences.

Millions of visitors come to admire the architecture, tour the homes, and walk the broad, live oak-lined streets with their curtains of Spanish moss. Visitors can view historic homes, churches, synagogues, cemeteries, and a railroad roundhouse, all of which have been lovingly preserved. A trolley tour is a great way to orient yourself to the historic district’s layout; walking the cobblestone streets, dining in fine restaurants, and relaxing in the shade of the central squares is a wonderful way to spend a day, a week, or an entire vacation.
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