Irrespective of your words, your first love will always remain ingrained in your memory. As per astrological beliefs, these three zodiac signs frequently experience a tumultuous initial romantic relationship that leaves them feeling sorrowful and tormented throughout their lifetime.

Zodiac Signs With Broken First Love
Zodiac Signs With Broken First Love

Taurus: First love is too short

If you had to describe Taurus's first love in one word, it would be "short," with no beginning or end, hanging in the air.

Because it is unclear, it causes them to feel even more nostalgic, longing, and painful. Before they can try anything, it's all gone. What a stupid constellation; love moves as slowly as a turtle.

This unlucky constellation misses out on the sweet things that first love brings because they are a little slow to fall in love, and their personalities are honest and simple, so they always miss a beat and the other person moves away. It was too late to react.

Furthermore, Taurus is cowardly, enjoys but does not dare to confess, uses superficial blandness to conceal his emotions, and loses his hand.

Everyone was young at the time, unable to tolerate the coldness and indifference, and unable to recognize the complex emotions in their hearts. Because of this, they miss each other, are confused, and as a result, this constellation is afraid of love, has emotional scars, and low self-esteem when it comes to love, which continues to surface secretly until later.

Gemini: First love, many experiences

Life is all about trial and error; the more you experience, the more you suffer while also growing stronger and more knowledgeable. Gemini's current appearance of being carefree, carefree, and lively is based on past memories, such as when they fell and stood up, as well as their first love. emotional.

Tu Nhi is not your average person; he is constantly seeking new and stimulating experiences. When he met his first love, he must have been very young, childish, and full of ego.

They held hands for the first time, went on their first date, kissed for the first time, had their first moment of promise, but they also had their first argument, cried loudly, and felt helpless and in pain because of each other.

And since then, Gemini has evolved into a constellation that cherishes its first love, holding it in its heart with countless emotions, both love and hate, wishing to forget but always remembering. I'm not sure if it's because of the other person or because of myself, but Tu Nhi has become more cautious with sincerity, unwilling to spend too much money.

Scorpio: First love is a failure

In love, there is no right or wrong, no winning or losing, but for Scorpio, it is always ranked, and their first love may be the most bitter failure they will ever remember.

Introvert personality and youthful exuberance, thoughtless impulsiveness hurt you and that person; what was once a pure emotion became suffering and loss.

Scorpio does not know how to express his feelings, does not understand weight, is arbitrary and suspicious, and is extremely possessive when he first learns to love, so the outcome is unsurprising.

It's just that this love failure constellation refuses to admit it, doesn't want to be the loser, and doesn't want to learn the expensive lesson.

Since then, when it comes to love, they have always maintained a cautious attitude, being attentive and careful, but not devoted. Because what if I experience another pain, another broken love, and injure myself or others? Fear should be despised, buried in the heart, and never spoken of; first love is Scorpio's forbidden land.

If you are stupid enough to love genuine constellations, disregard beauty, and focus solely on soul, you have the right to choose!


Deep within every individual resides a persistent apprehension known as first love, an inaccessible realm that remains off-limits to all. While some may experience a delightful and serene sensation that fills their hearts with joy, the three unfortunate zodiac signs mentioned here have an entirely contrasting experience. The initial romantic relationships of these three zodiac signs end in heartbreak, leaving a lasting emotional impact on them for the majority of their lives.

It is possible that the unlucky constellations mentioned above brought them into bad situations and caused them to become shadows in their souls. However, if you reflect calmly, you will notice that there is no first love that is not tragic; the only difference is how each person handles it and grows up. Letting go does not imply forgetting, but don't be too stubborn; be fair to your own future.

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