Easy tips to help teach your dog to obey

Easy tips to help teach your dog to obey

For home owners, making dogs obey and follow house rules is of interest to many housewives.

The following 3 tips can make dog training simpler and more effective than ever if applied correctly.

Short Name

First, you should think of short, easy-to-call names to give your pets. Not many people know that the easy-to-remember naming will help a lot in pet training.

Some short names with only 1 to 2 syllables such as Mic, Ti ... will help dogs recognize their owners calling them as well as help them improve their ability to focus and execute commands.

Teach with eyes

The training of the dog also needs to show in the eyes of the owner. In which, make a habit from a young age that dogs in recognizing attitudes, praise or strict teaching are all shown through their eyes. This is also the most genuine expression of emotions that dogs can feel.

According to some research results from the pet care website Dognews, dogs have a good ability to perceive the owner's attitude through their eyes. Therefore, housewives who can do one of these eye training exercises from the time their puppy is 3 months old will see unexpected effects.

Reward and Severe Punishment

Dog training also needs to be accompanied by strict punishment if it is not done right or praise if the dog does exactly what it is taught. Accordingly, do not forget to praise when your dog shows good expressions by giving them a hug, petting or rewarding their favorite food.

In addition, be strict with deterrence and use fines according to the mistakes they cause. The punishment should be clear and let the dog understand and not repeat the same actions. Also do not forget the lack of seriousness in punishment so that the puppy is greasy and not afraid of the owner.

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