20 DO and DON'T in Valentine's Day


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Are you in a relationship for a long time or recently met someone special who made you skip a beat? In both cases, you must be excited to go on a date with your beloved or partner on Valentine’s Day. And with the preparation of the date comes along the performance pressure and stress. When it comes to dating, you need to play by certain rules.

There is a specific set of DO’s and DON’Ts that you need to follow religiously to turn any date further into a prospective relationship. Let us help you go through the DO’s and DON’Ts of modern dating, Fnp expressed.

DO’s on Valentine’s Day Date

1. DO agree on how to celebrate.

DO compromise with your partner about how to celebrate -- some people aren't into the Hallmark holidays and that doesn't mean they don't love you and show it in other ways (not just on Valentine's Day). Find something you can both feel comfortable doing as a way to celebrate the day, Cbsnews expressed.

20 DO and DON'T in Valentine's Day
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2. DO leave the phone alone

That seemingly indispensable device, connecting us to people and events miles away, inherently removes us from those in our real-life sphere. Wow, that sounds heavy! Basically, leave the social media alone for the evening and you’re less likely to be distracted from good stuff, like face-to-face conversation. But bring it anyway, just in case you need to live-tweet your date from hell.

3. DO pay attention to the details of your appearance

Give your shoes a polish. Get your grooming right: your facial hair, those fingernails. Select the right outfit. Regardless of what date you’re on, getting these finer details on point will always work in your favour. First-timers, trained to spot the cracks in your facade, will believe in your authenticity – and buy into Brand You. Long-termers will simply be blown away by the effort, Hush noted.

4. DO Get To Know Your Partner

Valentine’s Day gives you the opportunity to spend lovely moments with your partner and get to know more about their likes and dislikes. Make full use of Valentine’s Day date to know their certain qualities and find out whether you two are compatible enough to take your relationship to the next level.

5. DO Tell Them How You Feel

Communication plays a crucial role in every relationship. Do express your innermost feelings for your partner on Valentine’s Day by telling them that “You really like the way this relationship has been going” or “You like spending time with them.” It will make your date super fun and exciting.

6. DO Make This Day Memorable For Them

Valentine’s Day comes once in a year, so try and do something unique on a date to make it memorable for your partner. Try unique gift ideas that bring a freshness in your relationship. Don’t be boring and try to be a little more entertaining so that your partner look forward to many more exciting dates like this.

20 DO and DON'T in Valentine's Day
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7. DO buy sexy lingerie.

Remember: Whether you're single or coupled up, some of the cutest undergarments arrive in stores just before Valentine's Day, so treat yourself to something pretty, Glamour recommended.

8. DO Lower your expectations

While you may dream of being whisked away to a tropical island to sip champagne together, in reality you will probably be fighting traffic to get to a packed restaurant for an over-priced meal before the babysitter has a chance to cancel.

9. DO Mean what you say

If you tell your partner not to get you anything, don’t be upset when they don’t. And if it’s still early days, be wary of splashing the cash on extravagant gifts or throwing the L-word around after a few champagnes. Go easy there tiger, Dailytelegraph expressed.

10. DO get out and meet other singles if you're alone

If you're single, DO get out and meet other single people. Go to a Valentine's Day party or out to dinner with a group of single friends -- there are a lot of parties and more singles than couples, so live it up! Get out and do something fun or that makes you feel happy. Wherever you go there are going to be tons of people who are not currently in a relationship.

DONT’s on Valentine’s Day Date

11. DON'T contact your ex

For the newly single, Valentine’s Day can spark a sudden desire to rekindle old flames that are best left extinguished. Take all necessary precautions to avoid angry texts, emotional texts, desperate texts and drunk texts. Turn your phone off and book a night with friends and family instead.

12. DON'T talk about him, either!

This one’s pretty straightforward. You’re there to invest a little quality-time in the one you love, or want to know (in the biblical sense). This isn’t a therapy session. If your brain is generating stuff like “Your hand reminds me of Anne’s,” or “You’ve ordered honey lamb! That was Anne’s favourite,” you probably aren’t quite ready to be dating, Hush warned.

13. DON'T get hung up on the date.

It's OK to celebrate the big day sometime other than February 14. Choose another day during the week Valentine's Day falls; reservations will be easier to get, and prices will be cheaper.

14. DON'T let Valentine's Day define your relationship.

DON'T decide that what happens on Valentine's Day defines your relationship. Don't let a less-than-spectacular Valentine's Day make you feel that your partner doesn't love you. There are many ways to celebrate the day and just because the two of you don't see them the same way doesn't mean that your relationship isn't strong.

20 DO and DON'T in Valentine's Day
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15. DON'T make it about you

This covers everything for your Valentine’s Day date; from the conversation, to the itinerary. Maybe leave that new action movie for another time. The best way to show them you care is to sacrifice your preferences in exchange for theirs.

16. DON'T forget

This one’s more for the long-term relationships and those who, to quote Beyoncé, “put a ring on it.” Our fathers could be excused for forgetting (although my Dad rarely was), but we can’t. We’re surrounded by tools to help us remember stuff like this. Use your office Outlook calendar. Set alarms on your phone. Do whatever it takes. Get a tattoo for God’s sake! Believe me; the wrath you’ll experience will be worse than any tattooist’s needle.

17. DON'T Stress

Whether you have known this person for a long time or going out on the first date with him/her, it is quite natural to be a little stressed out under the pressure of making a good impression. Take a moment, relax and just think about how deeply you feel for that person. Doing so will help you to stay calm before the important Valentine’s Day date.

18. DON'T Try the Things You Did Last Year

Valentine’s Day is an annual event that gives you the opportunity to make your partner feel special. Don’t let this opportunity go in vain by doing the exact things you tried last year. Try something new to impress your partner and bring newness in your relationship, Fnp added.

19. DON'T order food cooked with garlic

My mother has the skin, fitness and overall health of a woman half her age. She puts a lot of that down to her daily intake of garlic. And although we can’t dismiss the proven health benefits of that little onion-esque root veg, there’s one thing garlic isn’t good for: pleasant smelling breath. Want your intimate conversation to develop into something else? Leave the garlic bread for another day.

20. DON'T break up

It sounds like the perfect revenge, a dramatic dump on Valentine’s Day. But we suggest holding fire — it’s memorable yes, but also kind of cruel, Dailytelegraph noted.

Unless of course they really deserve it...

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