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We all know the feeling of rejection. At some point in our lives, we surely experienced the pain of being considered “not worthy” or “not good enough” and we do not want to bestow it on another person, right?

That being said, there are times when it just won’t work with a guy – and you have to find a way to reject him without hurting his feelings.

Knowing how to reject a guy nicely has its own merits. Aside from avoiding the dreaded “She is a total cold hearted A-hole” reputation, you can also gain a friend, instead of losing one if you reject them harshly.

1. “I’m not interested, as I don’t feel the same way.”

What is sure, this excuse is not emotional but effective without being rude.

2. “I am already with someone. But hey! Anybody would be super lucky to have someone like you in their life.”

Great excuse, because you take something away, but at the same time you give something, too.

3. “Sorry taken. But hey! If I wasn’t with him, I would totally be with you.”

Cute excuse, but be careful, as this one can leave a slight chance for the guy to get you later on.

4. “I am in the middle of something. It is just like the emotional gap I am currently in. So, I just can’t invest time for you. Sorry.”

It’s a little bit cold, but a useful one for cool girls.

5. “I never ever saw you like that, you know. You are like my big brother. I always cared for you , you know. And I will still care for you. But the thing is, you know, I always saw you as a friend , a good one.”

It works when you have known each other for quite a long time.

6. “I appreciate the offer, but I can’t accept this time.”

As we mentioned in the introduction, you don’t need to explain your reasons.

7. “Thank you for asking me to be your girlfriend. That is so kind of you. Right now, I don’t think that will work for me. But I wish you the best and appreciate you as a friend.”

It’s so sweet that the guy won’t be offended.

8.“I’m sorry, but it’s not because of anything you did- it’s just hard for me to love someone else when I can’t even love myself.”

It’ll surely work, as guys usually like self-confident girls.

9."Thank you, I’m really flattered, but I’m not looking for a relationship right now."

Short excuse, but polite. We hope the guy will appreciate it.

10."I like you but not in a romantic way"

Friend-zone alert! Generally, it doesn’t change.

11. “We both have our different journeys and so this would not work out.”

It’s really a nice and kind excuse, without hurting the guy, hopefully.

12. “He brightened your days, but let him know that although he is lovely, you can’t return the affection.”

It can be used if you have had some previous dates.

13. “I’m busy/things are crazy right now, so I can’t be involved in a relationship.”

Nearly everybody has hard times in their life, when everything is crazy, it’s acceptable.

14. “I appreciate the offer, but I’m not interested romantically.”

Easy style excuse, and not painful for those who get it.

15. To be honest

“(Guy’s name) to be honest with you, it has been fun hanging out as friends. However, I really don’t feel a romantic connection between us, and I’d really appreciate it if we can still keep our friendship

16. Similar yet different

“(guy’s name) we have very different personalities but I really think that it would be great if we can still share our similar passion for the art, even if we can’t be a couple. I really liked that we both love Van Gogh, and that’s a fact – I really do not want to reject your friendship and our shared passions too J”

17. “I don’t think it will work out between us. We are quite different people and I don’t feel the level of attraction and chemistry I would want in a partner. I wish you all the best and hope you find someone. Take care.”

18. “Hey, sorry for not replying earlier, I’ve been working non-stop! In all honesty, thanks for your interest. I’m just in a place right now where I think my ex and I are getting back together and I don’t think I should be dating. You go rock the socks off your physics! I wish you all the best!”

This excuse tops the list of the 20 easiest ways to reject a guy nicely. A guy shared it, saying this was the nicest rejection of his life ever, and a large number of guys agreed. We also think so.

19. “Hey, I don’t feel that we are able to click”

Everyone wants a person to be able to click, so the other may understand this excuse.

20. I know we’ve been talking for a bit, but I’ve noticed that our conversations are inconsistent and I’m no longer interested in pursuing a relationship with you. I hope you understand and I wish you all the best.”

Very determined, so after getting this text the guy will surely not try again.

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