You undoubtedly are already aware that Toyota manufactures some truly incredible automobiles. There is a Toyota out there that is ready to meet and surpass your demands, regardless of whether you are looking for a secure and reliable commuter car, an SUV that is packed with features, or a strong pickup truck. is pleased to present to you seventeen intriguing tidbits of information regarding Toyota.

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1 - Toyota is still essentially a mom-and-pop family business.

The current CEO of Toyota, Akio Toyoda, is a direct descendant of Sakichi Toyoda, the company's founder, despite the fact that Toyota has developed into a global brand. In actuality, every CEO to date has been a relative of the first Toyoda.

2 - The company started out as a small automated loom company.

The creator of the automatic power loom, Sakichi Toyoda, had no interest in creating cars. His invention was his area of expertise when he started his business in 1933. Years later, the business would sell the automated looms to raise money for their first cars.

3. It was formerly known as Toyoda. In keeping with the family name,

Sakichi Toyoda's automated loom company was, of course, called "Toyoda." The name, which literally translates to "fertile rice paddies" in Japanese, was initially thought to be lucky, but eventually the spelling was altered to increase its appeal abroad.

4 - In 1937, they produced their first car.

The production of passenger cars for civilian use eventually resumed in 1947, despite the fact that their initial fleet of vehicles was used for military operations.

5 - It wasn't until 1957 that they began exporting their automobiles to America.

The very first vehicle that Americans imported was a Toyota Crown sedan. The United States continues to be one of Toyota's key markets today.

6 - Toyota is now regarded as one of the eco-friendly companies in the sector.

Their Prius campaign in the middle of the 2000s established them as a pioneer in the manufacture of environmentally friendly cars, and their work and influence over the years led to them being named the top "Global Green Brand" in 2015.

7 - Toyota regularly shatters production records...

Toyota has a long history of success on their side, and their continued production-related innovation has enabled them to consistently outperform expectations. In a recent instance, Toyota made history by becoming the first automaker to produce 10 million vehicles in a single year.

8 -Over 40 million Toyota Corollas have been sold worldwide.

It now ranks among the most popular car models ever produced. Recently, the company made more than $260 billion globally in a single year, outpacing the combined sales of Honda and Nissan, two of their closest rivals in the area.

9 - Toyota secretly supports a few other well-known brands.

They don't exactly keep it a secret, but Toyota's lineup includes Lexus, Scion, and Subaru.

10 - Toyota is a reputable American automaker and an employer.

Many Toyota cars and parts are produced domestically thanks to the company's numerous sizable plants in the US that build pick-up trucks and sedans. Over 365000 jobs have been created as a result of them. An additional 30,000 jobs are generated by franchises related to Toyota, such as dealerships, service centers, and accessory shops.

11- Toyota has existed for 87 years.

Although the company was initially conceived as a division that produced cars in 1933, it only came to be known in 1937. Actually, Toyoda Automatic Loom Works Ltd. was the entity that founded it. Toyota was founded in 1924 and was first recognized for manufacturing sewing machines.

12-The Toyota Mirai is an all-water vehicle.

Worldwide, only 3,000 Toyota Mirais have been delivered. These are the first full-production hydrogen fuel cell cars in the world, and because they can turn 50 liters of water into hydrogen, they can travel up to 300 miles between refuelings.

13-Toyota owns several car brands.

It is not surprising that Toyota has such a broad influence given its level of success. Currently, Toyota owns a number of other brands, including a portion of Subaru, Lexus, Scion, Daihatsu, and Hino Motors.

14- The Toyota Corolla is the most popular product.

As of 2013, more than 40 million Toyota Corollas had been sold, making it the marquee compact car manufacturer's best-selling nameplate.

15- Toyota is third in the world for engine production.

Toyota currently holds the distinction of being the third-best automotive manufacturer in terms of engine production, trailing only BMW and Volkswagen. Additionally, they are constantly working to improve.

16- Every 5 seconds, a new car is produced on the

Toyota assembly line. The largest automobile manufacturing facility in the world is Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky, Inc. The factory has the capacity to make more than 600,000 engines and up to 550,000 vehicles in a single year.

17- Toyota exports to nearly 200 nations.

Toyota has conducted business in more than 170 nations and operates factories in more than 28 nations. Antarctica is the only continent that Toyota hasn't colonized out of all the continents in the world.

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