What you need now is some gift ideas for your loved ones although global pandemic, this year’s celebrations have been a bit different and New Year is no exception as well. So, you may not be able to meet your loved ones to welcome the new year.

However, you can send some beautiful gifts to surprise them on January. So, here are some unique gift ideas for this New Year to make your dear ones feel special and loved.

Top 15 Best Gift Ideas for Lover on New Year

1.Small lucky bamboo plant

In Feng Shui, this plan is considered to bring luck and prosperity in your home. So, you can send a lucky bamboo plant to your close ones to wish them a wonderful year ahead, suggests pinkvilla.

2.Night Lamp

Night lamps are a great addition for home décor, so go for it to surprise your close friend this new year. You can also opt for a customised night lamp.


15 Best Gift Ideas for Lover on New Year
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A dairy with a fine pen is a great yet common gift in the new year. So, give it some personal touch by ordering a personalised diary.

4.Chocolate set

It’s very obvious to start the new year on a sweet note. So, make it even sweeter by gifting a chocolate set to your dear ones this new year.

5.Skincare product hamper

This new year, encourage your mom to pamper herself by gifting a skincare hamper to her. This will even be the best gift for winter as well.

6.Personalised photos

This is one gift that will be cherished by everyone, be it friends or family. Who would not love a visual reminder of their loved ones, whether it’s a photograph beautifully framed or digitally printed on canvas, or a heart-shaped collage mounted in a frame or like in this image. Collages are particularly appealing, as they convey a host emotions through a medley of favourite photos. Companies such as Vistaprint and Printo provide top-quality printing services online.

7.Coffee-table books

15 Best Gift Ideas for Lover on New Year
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Coffee-table books make handsome gifts; and, since there’s a book catering to every imaginable interest, you can pick just the one for your dear one. Whether it’s a tome of mouth-watering recipes, haute-couture fashion, sexy automobiles or gorgeous travel destinations, they are inspiring and meant for keeps. Just make sure you know where the recipient’s tastes lie, to get the right pick.

8.Coffee maker

If your friend is an inveterate coffee drinker, with this chic-looking coffee maker, they can always have their favourite poison at hand, instead of having to run to the nearest barista every time the urge hits. Throw in a smart flask along with it, so that coffee can be had on the run, too.

9.Garden(ing) accessories

Indulge those lucky enough to own a garden and a green thumb with some gardening accessories, of which an avid gardener can never have enough. Plus, with a a wide range to pick from, covering a wide budget, it will be easy for you to choose between a nice set of tools, a hardy pair of gloves to prevent calloused hands, or a pretty sunhat. For those who have to make do with a tiny patch of green on their balcony, how about a beautiful balcony planter?

10.Dining table linen

15 Best Gift Ideas for Lover on New Year
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Ensure yourself a seat at your gourmet-chef aunt’s open table by surprising her with some charming dining table accessories. Pick a pretty table runner or even two; make it easy for her by gifting with it a set of matching napkins. And, if you’d like a permanent invite, complete the experience with chic napkin rings, according to houzz.


If you think gone are the days of making a scrapbook, think twice. Gifting a scrapbook is a special and an old-school way of showing someone how much you love and adore them. So, take some out this year and make a scrapbook for your close ones to remind them how beautiful of a journey it has been with them by pasting tons of pictures, quotes, and messages. Trust us, it’ll kickstart the New Year celebrations on a sweet note!

12.A robot vacuum

15 Best Gift Ideas for Lover on New Year
Photo: CNN

Do you have mates whose apartment is always messy? Well, if that’s the case, one robot vacuum is an ideal New Year’s gift for them. It can be used in two ways: It is hand-held as well as automated. So, get this cleaning device for the friend who needs to tidy up.

13.Electric Light Blocks

One of the unique New Year gifts for children! These square electric blocks light up instantly once assembled in a proper manner. The interesting part about these stackable blocks is that you can form them in any shape and size. It looks perfect in every form!

14.LED Flashlight Gloves

Your handyman in the family will find a million ways to make use of these LED flashlight gloves. All they have to do is insert a pair of fresh batteries into it and watch what they are working with. That way, they wouldn’t have to constantly use their phones or headlamps. Quite literally!

15.Unicorn Bottle Opener

A unicorn bottle opener is a sturdy piece of art that will never fail to make an impression. It is an ultimate New Year gift idea for an adult who loves to pop, fizz, and clink. Whether it is a beer or champagne, the unicorn bottle opener fits perfectly in your hand to open the bottle, according to cadburygifting.

Thankfully, our list of best New Year’s gifts will help you make thoughtful decisions this year. All you have to do is keep your loved one’s taste in mind and select the perfect New Year’s gift accordingly. Happy New Year!

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