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India's biggest companies work in many areas, such as technology, banking, and consumer goods. They make a big difference in the country's economic growth. Find out the 10 biggest companies in India based on their market value.

How much does the market value mean?

Market capitalization, or "market cap," is a way to figure out how big a company is on the stock market. To find it, increase the number of outstanding shares in a company by the price of one share on the market right now. Market capitalization is very important to investors and experts because it shows how a company is doing in the market. In 2024, these are the top 10 Indian companies by market value.

A look at the Indian economy

From Deloitte's Indian Economic Outlook 2023, we can see that India's economy will grow to be the third biggest in the world by 2027, with a GDP of more than $5 trillion. India should be a mature country by the year 2047. The IMF says that India will need a growth rate of 6.5% to meet its goal of a GDP by 2027. After that, India will need to grow at a rate of about 9% per year until it is a rich country by 2047.

India's economic growth will depend on the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) industry more than anything else. It will be very important for making money, building skills and abilities, and setting up processes that make investments easier for many people. In rural India, especially for women, the MSME sector will be a major source of new ideas, jobs, and business opportunities. About 30% of India's GDP comes from small and medium-sized businesses, which hire about 123 million people. But for MSMEs to grow even more and keep up with new technology and innovations, the Indian government needs to make it easier and cheaper for MSMEs to grow. This will encourage people to start their own businesses and make work available in the area.

10 Largest Companies In India By Market Cap (2024 Update)
The Largest Companies In India By Market Cap (2024 Update)

10 Largest Companies In India By Market Cap (2024 Update)

1. Reliance Industries

Market cap: $221.64 billion

For sales, Reliance Industries Limited is one of the best Indian companies. Its market value is over $1 trillion. Along with telecommunications and retail, it is the leader in petrochemicals, refining, oil and gas research, and other fields. The Reliance Industries group runs the world's biggest oil refinery complex. Its subsidiary, Reliance Jio Infocomm, is also a major player in India's telecom business. As a major player in the Indian market for consumer goods, clothing, and food, Reliance Retail is a business branch that specializes in retail.

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2. HDFC Bank

Market cap: $165.46 billion

HDFC Bank offers many different types of financial goods and services. It is the largest private bank in India in terms of assets. It is very strong in both personal and business banks. The value of HDFC Bank on the market shows how well it is doing financially and how much customers trust it. The bank's market value shows how big its customer base is and how many services it offers.

3. Tata Consultancy Services

Market cap: $162.78 B

TCS works in the field of information technology and is a part of the Tata Group. This company has become the second-largest Indian company in terms of market capitalization by offering a wide range of IT services, consulting, and business solutions. The value of TCS on the market shows how dominant it is in the IT industry.

The National Employment Savings Trust (NEST) in the UK works with TCS and uses TCS ValueBPSTM to help people plan and save for retirement. TCS also works with Marks & Spencer to help them grow their business and improve their SRD (space, scope, and display) operational skills.

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4. ICICI Bank

Market cap: $84.03 billion

In India, ICICI Bank is one of the biggest private banks. They offer a range of banking goods and financial services to both business and individual customers. You can get these products and services through a number of shipping methods, such as their specialized subsidiaries. The value of ICICI Bank on the market shows how well it serves its customers and provides a wide range of services.

5. Infosys

Market cap: $78.68 B

Infosys Limited (NYSE:INFY) is an Indian global company that provides IT and consulting services. Infosys Limited (NYSE:INFY) is based in Bengaluru, India, and does business in 50 different countries. Infosys Limited (NYSE:INFY) has a market value of $69.8 billion as of November 6. In terms of value, it is the sixth most important Indian company on our list.

6. Bharati Airtel

Market cap: $75.16 B

Bharti Airtel Limited (NSE:BHARTIARTL) is a global company with its main office in New Delhi that provides phone services. It's present in 18 countries around the world. This is how much Bharti Airtel Limited (NSE:BHARTIARTL) is worth on the market as of November 6.

7. Hindina Unilever

Market cap: $71.78 B

A big Indian company that makes a lot of money is Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL), which is owned by the Indian government and works in oil and gas. It is a branch of the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC). It's worth about $8 billion on the market. HPCL is a major player in the oil and gas industry and does a wide range of tasks, such as refining, marketing, and distributing oil goods. People all over India can get fuels and lubricants from this company, which runs refineries, gas stops, and pipelines. HPCL's main goals are to provide high-quality goods, keep operations running smoothly, and meet the energy needs of the country.

8. ITC

Market cap: $69.53 B

ITC Limited (NSE:ITC) is a big global company that does many different kinds of business, such as hotels, software, packaging, agribusiness, and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). The market value of ITC Limited (NSE:ITC) is $64.7 billion as of November 6.

9. Indian State Bank

Market cap: $66.67 B

The largest public sector bank in India is SBI (State Bank of India). The government owns this bank and business services company in Mumbai. SBI has a big part of the market and runs a network of branches and ATMs all over the country. SBI is worth about $41 billion on the market. The bank is very well known in the Indian business industry. Wealth management, corporate banking, retail banking, and treasury operations are just some of the banking services and goods it offers. SBI helps a lot of different types of customers and is very important to India's economic growth and financial equality.

10. Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC)

Market cap: $63.56 billion

The Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC), which is also known as LIC, is India's tenth biggest company by market capitalization. Thanks to it, people can get protection and put money away. The Indian Government has direct control over how LIC India works.

In conclusion

These top 10 Indian companies work in a wide range of fields, showing how diverse and strong the Indian economy is. Market capitalization shows not only how much money they have, but also how much of an effect they have on business across the country. It's important to remember that market values can change over time for a number of reasons. Investors and experts need to stay up to date on these changes.

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