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Massive and devoted fans of Nigerian cinema prefer to keep up with the newest releases. For those who would rather watch Nollywood films offline, there are many of websites where they may be downloaded. Internet users have been eager to find safe havens where they may easily view these creations.

10 Best Sites To Download/Watch Nollywood Movies and TV Series
10 Best Sites To Download/Watch Nollywood Movies and TV Shows

10 Best Sites To Download/Watch Nollywood Movies and TV Shows

1. Netnaija


One of the greatest places to rapidly find popular foreign and Nigerian movies for free is Netnaija, however they encountered a problem, thus the movie is no longer available on their website. However, you may get Nigerian movies by signing up for TheNetNaija on Telegram. You may download free 9ja movies and other movies from different genres with this channel, which is amazing.

They also provide the option to download football highlights, comedy clips, and Yoruba movies. They also provide you with videos, audio song downloads, and the newest entertainment news.

2. NollyLand


One of Africa's best movie platforms, with an excellent user experience. Nollywood films are available for download or streaming. On the website, you may download films from Ghana, Nigeria, and other African countries.

One of the greatest websites in Nigeria for downloading and viewing Nollywood films is NollyLand, which is a reliable source for both new and classic Nigerian films.

3. RealNollyTv


You can get free Nigerian movies from this website. It is among the easiest sites to download movies from Nigeria. Though you must first complete the registration process in order to access everything.

You may now access all the Nigerian movie genres, including the newest and classic Nollywood productions, after registering.

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4. NaijaOnPoint


In 2020, you may get Nigerian movies for free from this fantastic website. Additionally, there are other news and entertainment features. With this website, you never lose any of the newest Naija movies, just as with CodedWap.

5. WapBaze


One of the finest places to get international and Nigerian movies is this website, which offers a ton of video content. Comedy clips, WWE matches, and much more may be streamed.

6. Iroko TV


Iroko TV is a franchise of Iroko Entertainment and is known as the Netflix of Africa. This platform was founded in 2011 by Jason Njoku. One of the biggest Nollywood film distributors in the globe is Iroko. ''Nollywood at your fingertips'' is the company tagline. Customers of Iroko TV can download and see any Nigerian movie for free. Customers who want to stream movies, however, must pay a $20 subscription charge, which they can discontinue at any moment. Users can also install the mobile application from the website to access their favorite shows after entering their login credentials. Install the IrokoTV app from the Google Play Store to download Nigerian movies. Users may be sure that the program is safe for their devices because it has been downloaded over a million times. Users of iOS and Apple TV can also access the app.

7. DeloniferaTV


African films are available for download via DeloniferaTV, an African online platform, for both free and a fee.

Furthermore, they have an app that lets you watch movies in a clear format at any time of day to pass the time while having a nice time. Both iOS and Android smartphones can download the app.

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8. FilmHouse


This is a smartphone application developed by FilmOne Distribution, a well-known Nigerian distributor of Nollywood films. The corporation owns and operates one of Nigeria's biggest theaters, which gives them access to a lot of Nollywood productions. The Filmhouse app allows you to stream popular films like King of Boys.

9. Codedwap


This online entertainment site features popular Nigerian comedy, films, music, and news. Another great choice for movie buffs looking to stream Nollywood films online is On the other hand, viewers can watch the movies offline for free by downloading them. To keep fans up to speed, the website publishes high-quality, current movie content. It also features an intuitive user interface that makes it simple for users to search the pages and locate what they're looking for.

10. Naijapals


Founded in 2007, NaijaPals is one of the largest platforms in Africa that blends social networking with entertainment. The most recent Nollywood films are available for anyone to download or stream on the website. The ability for users to connect with friends and stay up to date on news is one of this website's distinctive features. Additionally, users can sign in with their social media credentials. Furthermore, all of the platform's content is available for free.

In summary

Nollywood is the second-largest employment in Nigeria, producing about 50 films a week. Because of the great demand for these movies, fans of Naija cinema have been searching for handy ways to see them as soon as they are out. The top list of websites to download and watch Nollywood films and TV series is provided in this article.

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